PuttOUT x Blast Motion

Take your putting game to the next level with the PuttOUT x Blast Smart Studios.

The PuttOUT x Blast Motion Smart Studios give golfers the tools they need to get better as well as the technology to properly measure and track their improvement.

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PuttOUT x blast

Identify. Practice. Improve.

Want to be sure that the fundamentals of your putting stroke are improving?

The Blast Motion sensor gives golfers invaluable data on every detail to do with the mechanics and movement within their putting stroke.

The PuttOUT product suite has been designed by golfers, for golfers, to help improve every facet of putting.

Together they can turbocharge your practice.

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Blast’s powerful swing improvement solutions provide swing and stroke analysis, performance insights, and training content that push the limits of player development and lead to lower scores.

Powered by the #1 Swing and Stroke Analyzer in the game, Blast Golf is trusted by over 200+ Tour pros.

Blast Golf combines sensor-based swing analysis with auto-curated video clips in an easy-to-use mobile app.

Golfers get real-time feedback with a solution designed to help them train smarter and get better, while instructors can leverage advanced insights to unlock their players' potential from tee to green—full swings, short game, bunker shots, and putting.

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The PuttOUT ethos isn't complicated: simple tools that will help golfers of all abilities.

The recipient of 2x MyGolfSpy Editor’s Choice awards, 5x Golf Digest Editor’s Choice Awards and 3x Golf Monthly Editor’s Choice Awards, to name just a few, the PuttOUT product suite has taken the golf world by storm since launching in 2016.

Featuring mirrors, gate sets, mats and the latest offering, the putting plane, whatever the tendency in a golfer's stroke is, PuttOUT have the tools to help you improve it.

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smart studio

The weekend warrior smart studio

New to PuttOut and Blast? Featuring a medium mat, the legendary PuttOUT Pressure Trainer and a Blast sensor, the Weekend Warrior studio is the perfect place to get started.

• 1x Medium Mat
• 1x Premium Trainer
• 1x Blast Motion Sensor

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Smart Studio

The Sicko's smart studio

Two absolutely key metrics that Blast measures are Face Angle at Impact and Tempo.

The Sicko's Smart Studio matches the Blast sensor with the Mirror & Gate Set plus the Putting Plane, two tools built you specifically help you with the those two fundamental skills.

If you can dial in a consistent tempo and deliver a square putter face at impact, you're going to be a great putter.

• 1x Medium Mat
• 1x Mirror & Gate Set
• 1x Putting Plane
• 1x Blast Motion Sensor

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