Devil Ball

Face Angle Putting Trainer.

When it comes to putting, face angle is king. It accounts for up to 90% of your putt’s start direction.

Designed with a flat-edged impact zone, this brand new training aid from PuttOUT exaggerates the face angle delivered at impact for instant, understandable feedback.

Improve your face angle - make more putts.

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Dial In Your Face Angle

Make More Putts.

Devil Ball will help train you to deliver your putter face back to the ball square.

By square, we mean not pointing out to the right (open) and not pointing to the left (closed).*

With up to 90% of a putt's start direction dictated by the face angle delivered, improving this element of your putting stroke is fundamental to becoming a better putter.

Fewer putts = lower scores.

*example for right-handed golfer.

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More Info

How it works

Twice as hard as a normal golf ball

With it's flat-edged impact zone, Devil Ball exaggerates the face angle of your putter at impact.

If you deliver a closed putter face, Devil Ball will spin off erratically to the left of target. Deliver an open face and it will spin off to the right.

Putts from 3-5ft are twice as hard with Devil Ball compared to a regular spherical golf ball.

Train hard. Play easy.

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Three difficulty levels.

For Golfers of All Abilities

With three levels of difficulty built into each ball, Devil Ball is suitable for golfers with all levels of experience.

Devil Ball is most difficult to roll straight when you are putting against its flat-edged impact zone. This will cause imperfect strikes to be exaggerated the most.

For a slightly easier challenge, roll Devil Ball 45º forwards so that you are putting against a slightly rounder section of the ball.

The easiest way to use Devil Ball is with the flat edge pointing at your target, so you are putting against the most spherical part of the ball.

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For golfers. By golfers.

The same size and weight as a regular golf ball.

To make your practice as close to the real thing as possible, Devil Ball is the same size and weight as a regular golf ball.

Designed and engineered at our HQ in London, it consists of a polymer inner core and elastomer shell.

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What's In The Box?

Alignment Marker & Travel Pouch

One pack of Devil Ball comes complete with:

• 2x Devil Balls

• 1x Alignment Marker that can be used in both casual and competitive play.

• 1x Travel Pouch with QR code linking to our library of tips and drills on how to get the most from your Devil Ball, as well as our entrire range of other training tools.

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