Devil Ball Launch

Focus and improve your putting stroke and face angle with Devil Ball.

Practice makes easy putting.

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Premium Pressure Putt Trainer

Our newly renovated and supremely improved Trainer is here to improve your game.

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Take your practice anywhere.

Practice all aspects of your putting; including alignment, eye position, putting stroke and pace with this great setup.

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Putting Plane Alignment Stick Set

Combining as many different practice tools as you need, and built to suit any style of stroke.

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Tour Studio

Build the ultimate home putting facility even a tour player would be jealous of.

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Est. 2016 in the heart of London, we design products to help you practice more and putt less.

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“We use all of the PuttOUT products in one-to-one lessons, online tutorials, and even in our own living rooms!”
“A fun, not-too-technical way to real game improvement.”
“Foldable, contemporary in appearance, and super easy on the wallet.”
“PuttOUT’s devices are perfect for helping you have fun and keep your game sharp at home.”
“One of our favourite tools to help eliminate three-putts.”
“PuttOUT is a simple, inexpensive (primarily) indoor putting solution.”
“They're addictive, super-beneficial, and beautifully designed. What's not to love?”

Putting Studios

Get the setup that works best for you all in one go with our new Putting Studios. Each studio comes with different products to best meet your needs.

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Premium Pressure Putt Trainer

The key to great putting is practice and with our evolved Premium Pressure Putt Trainer, you really can take that practice anywhere.

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Compact Putting Mirror

Whether it's a full practice session at home or a quick setup check before the round, our Compact Putting Mirror has you covered. Weighing just 97g, it's ready to go whenever you need it.

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Putting Mats

Rolling at 10' on the stimp, our Putting Mats are designed to replicate the absolute closest thing to practicing on a real putting green.

Putting Mirror Trainer With Gate

Looking to improve your stroke? This set might just be for you. Designed to refine your stroke's path, eye and shoulder position, as well as the ball's start line.

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Putting Gate Set

Here to help with both your indoor and outdoor practice, the three pack of Gates come in 50mm, 60mm, and 70mm widths to really refine your start line as well as navigate breaking putts.

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The key to great putting is practice and with PuttOUT you really can take that practice anywhere.


Quick Tips

If you're struggling with your stroke or just looking for some new drills to liven up your practice, you'll find them all here in our dedicated 'Quick Tips' section.

Practice now

Tack Attack

The smaller the target, the better the strike. Stick two pieces of tack on the putter face, just wide enough to strike the ball cleanly. This practice will lessen your misses and ensure consistent speed.

The Ruler Drill

If you're start line isn't as good as consistent as it could be, try rolling the first foot of the putt on a ruler -- it'll get you straightened out in no time!

Watch The Dot

Peeking early? Try drawing a dot on the top of your golf ball and focusing on it even after the ball has left the club face. You'll be back to striking it pure in no time.

Ball Lines

Experiment with pen lines on the golf ball, try one parallel with the putter face, one perpendicular to the putter face, and even both. The key here is seeing which works best for you.

The Coin Drill

Place a coin just behind your ball at address and ensure you're stroking just a little bit on the up through impact. It'll get your ball hugging the ground quicker and sticking to its line better.

The One-Hander

To resolve a 'push', try making putting strokes independently with your right hand only. It'll heighten the feeling of the club face opening and closing, and negate the dreaded quick jab outwards.