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Compact Mirror: Reverse Mirror Drill
Compact Mirror

Compact Mirror: Reverse Mirror Drill

Improve your short putt make rate by using the Compact Mirror as a proxy for the golf hole.

Compact MirrorCompact Mirror: Pressure Putt Drill

Compact Mirror: Pressure Putt Drill

Ready to putt to a target? Here's how introducing a Premium Trainer into your practice can help you dial-in your putting.

Compact MirrorCompact Mirror: Distance Control Drill

Compact Mirror: Distance Control Drill

Use the alignment markings on the Compact Mirror to train your distance control.

Compact MirrorCompact Mirror: Medium Gate Drill

Compact Mirror: Medium Gate Drill

Ensure the ball starts on line by introducing a Medium Pro Putting Gate into your practice.

Compact MirrorCompact Mirror: Start Line Drill

Compact Mirror: Start Line Drill

Are your eyes, shoulders and putter face correctly aligned at address? Here's how the Compact Mirror can help you to improve the fundamentals.