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Devil Ball: Getting Started
Devil Ball

Devil Ball: Getting Started

Get a few key pointers on how to get the most out of your Devil Ball.

Devil BallDevil Ball: How It Works

Devil Ball: How It Works

Dig a little deeper into what makes Devil Ball so devilishly difficult!

Devil BallDevil Ball: Alignment Marker

Devil Ball: Alignment Marker

Make sure you're lined up correctly to the target with the accompanying Alignment Marker.

Devil BallDevil Ball: Smooth Roll Drill

Devil Ball: Smooth Roll Drill

Forget about a target: Instead focus on getting Devil Ball to roll straight and smoothly.

Devil BallDevil Ball: Target Drill

Devil Ball: Target Drill

Introduce a target to your practice. Start putting with Devil Ball from three foot and as your confidence grows, move further back.

Devil BallDevil Ball: Gate Drill

Devil Ball: Gate Drill

Focus on the first foot of your putt by pairing Devil Ball with our Small, Medium or Large Pro Putting Gates.

Devil BallDevil Ball: Pre-Round Drill

Devil Ball: Pre-Round Drill

Tee time in 10? Jump onto the practice green and calibrate your putting stroke with Devil Ball before you play.