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Putting Plane: Draw Back Drill
Putting Plane

Putting Plane: Draw Back Drill

Train your back stroke and follow through by adding two balls underneath the overhead Alignment Stick.

Putting PlanePutting Plane: Long String Drill

Putting Plane: Long String Drill

Extend two Alignment Sticks through the gates and Premium Trainer to create an overhead alignment tool.

Putting PlanePutting Plane: Short String Drill

Putting Plane: Short String Drill

Set one Alignment Stick above the ball to check your body alignment. Putt the ball through the gate to confirm start line.

Putting PlanePutting Plane: Open Ghost Drill

Putting Plane: Open Ghost Drill

Use the Putting Plane Alignment Sticks to square up your putting stroke.

Putting PlanePutting Plane: Ghost Drill

Putting Plane: Ghost Drill

Hide your putter underneath the Putting Plane to move your focus from your putting stroke to the target.

Putting PlanePutting Plane: Distance Control Drill

Putting Plane: Distance Control Drill

Use the white markings on the Putting Plane to train your distance control.

Putting PlanePutting Plane: Pause Acceleration Drill

Putting Plane: Pause Acceleration Drill

A quick and easy way for you dial-in pace whilst practicing with the Putting Plane.