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Putting Mirror: Pace Drill
Putting Mirror

Putting Mirror: Pace Drill

Dial-in pace and distance control by using the alignment marketing on the Putting Mirror.

Putting MirrorPutting Mirror: Start Line Drill

Putting Mirror: Start Line Drill

Start with the basics. Use only the Putting Mirror to make sure your eyes, shoulders and putter face are aligned correctly at address.

Putting MirrorPutting Mirror: Face Angle Drill

Putting Mirror: Face Angle Drill

Ready to introduce the magnets? There are multiple ways to use them to ensure your putter face is square at impact.

Putting MirrorPutting Mirror: Small Gate Drill

Putting Mirror: Small Gate Drill

Ensure your start line is correct by introducing the accompanying Small Gate into your Putting Mirror practice.

Putting MirrorPutting Mirror: Stroke Drill

Putting Mirror: Stroke Drill

Do you have an in-to-out or out-to-in stroke? Use the adjustable magnets as a guide to work on your putter path.